Schools Are Gobbling Up Chromebooks: 1 Million Sold in 3 Months

Schools bought more than 1 million Chromebooks — budget laptops that run Chrome OS — in the second quarter of 2014, Google announced on Monday.


Major win for Google, HP, Samsung, Acer and Intel, all of whom have made major bets in this direction.  The reason why Public Schools are buying these over others –  “The affordability and easy maintenance of Chromebooks clinched the deal — we could buy three Chromebooks for the price of a single desktop computer and the district’s small IT team wouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with the repairs and updates on aging PCs,”  “We would also save on support time and costs since Chromebooks update automatically”

2nd Generation Six Sigma the Breakdown (at Samsung)

This breakdown of the different methods used by Samsung in the development of their 2nd generation Six Sigma program are compelling. I’ve already published wi…


This breakdown of the different methods used by Samsung in the development of their 2nd generation Six Sigma program are compelling. I’ve already published widely on the benefits Samsung has derived from using TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving), in it s product and process development domains. What I thought might add some additional clarity and understanding for readers would be other aspects to their 2nd generation six sigma program that has gained them significant value – they do of course drive a value driven strategy.

The Internet Of Things Will Radically Change Your Big Data Strategy

Companies are jumping on the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon and for good reasons. McKinsey Global Institute reports that the IoT business will deliver $6.2 trillion of revenue by 2025. Many people wonder if companies are ready for this explosion of data generated for IoT. As with any new technology, security is […]


The point that all of the OEM’s in IoT are Missing:  Processing all of the data from the IoT is an exercise in big data that boils down to 3 major steps: data ingestion (harvesting data), data storage, and analytics. — Experts estimate that over half of all big data projects fail and most of those failures are due to projects never getting past the data ingestion phase.– Even if enterprises manage to make it past the data ingestion phase, the data storage phase presents another set of challenges. In this area, companies must learn new technologies like Hadoop, Map Reduce, etc. and be able to provision enough disk, network, and compute capacity to keep up with the influx of new data. There is a major skills shortage in the area which creates a serious challenge in the do-it-yourself (DIY) model.  

Product Development Lessons from “Coolest Cooler”

A cooler with built-in blender, Bluetooth and more becomes a Kickstarter sensation, giving new meaning to the word “cool”


The 2 Big Lessons and the Latent Opportunity 

First make sure that the timing of the product matches the mood of the market (season to buy) – it was originally pushed to the market in winter.  

Secondly, the first rev of  product is usually never market ready, it always needs some tweaks to make it better/improved.   

Latent Opportunity:  A suggestion for Rev 3 might be connected to the internet with audio/video streaming, as this is yet another domain of undiscovered territory for the IoT – news, weather reporting, on a larger screen than a smartphone.

All we can say now is that we wish all the best to creator Ryan Grepper 

Fatal Flaw of Smartwatches

I’ve been wearing the Gear Live for a few days, and I have mixed feelings about the device.


Excellent Use Case analysis and supports our initial reservations about smartwatches – in a nutshell, the problem with them is that they enable a convenience, but they don’t perform a crucial task.

The Fatal Flaw. – Smartwatches are completely reliant on the smartphone to do anything. meaning they need to be able to go autonomous for some period of time.