About Richard Platt | Senior Managing Partner | The Strategy + Innovation Group

Richard’s previous role was as Intel’s Global Innovation Program Manager and Senior Instructor for Innovation Methods where he co-architected, drove and delivered $212.5M in ROI (Cost savings, cost avoidance. benefit, etc…) across the Intel enterprise.

Working @ Intel for almost 10 years in the Design, Operations, Manufacturing, R&D, Technology Development and IT organizations he trained +850 engineers, scientists, technology developers, managers, directors, Intel fellows, program and project managers from all levels of the Intel enterprise. His efforts yielded two patents and he was awarded the Intel Manufacturing Excellence Award, along along with 5 different Intel Divisional Recognition Awards, and achieving certifications as a TRIZ Expert, a TEN3 Business Coach and an Innovation Master certification.

Since 2004 Richard has been developing the skills and competencies for the S+IG (Strategy + Innovation Group LLC). Focusing on assisting OEMs and SMEs build innovative core competencies into their organizations by leveraging best practices in innovation and strategy tools, frameworks, and methods.  With special emphasis on project & program development, consulting and training. Specific competencies in Advanced Complex Problem Solving and Problem Finding, Organizational Architecture for Innovation, Innovation Management, IP (Intellectual Property) strategy and development, Innovation Change Agency as well as custom innovation training programs and projects for clients.

Guest Lecturer:

  • Portland State University to the Engineering and Technology Management Department (Technology Forecasting using Systematic Innovation Methods)
  • University of Portland for the Leadership and Professional Excellence Program (Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs with MBA’s)
  • University of Manila
  • Association of Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Engineers of the Philippines
  • SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association)
  • iQPC  (international Quality and Productivity Center)
  • PDMA (Product Development and Management Association)
  • SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

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