Google wins over its biggest cloud customer yet: Apple – Silicon Valley Business Journal

Apple is reportedly spending between $400 and $600 million for the services and will cut back on its dependency on Amazon Web Services.

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Apple recently began storing part of its iCloud and service data with Google’s cloud platform, according to CRN, citing sources close to the situation. Apple is spending between $400 and $600 million for the services. As a result, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker will cut back on its   A shift toward Google could indicate that Apple is in the midst of liberating its data from its competitors. Apple indicated on its earnings call in February that it is planning on building more of its own data centers, Apple has plans to open three new data centers within the next two years, giving the company a total of seven data centers globally. According to Re/Code, the team working on the project is known internally as “McQueen,” a reference to Steve McQueen in the film “The Great Escape.” The nickname alludes to Apple’s plan to break free from its competitors’ cloud services.  “We believe this build is a signal that Apple is increasingly likely to move away from AWS in the next 18-24 months,”dependency on Amazon Web Services (AWS), per the report.  

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