When Technology is Commoditized, Technology Must Become a Service

When Technology is Commoditized, Technology Must Become a Service

By Erik Flowers | January 11, 2016
The notion of great service has been around since the first caveperson offered to pick you up on their own dinosaur and take you somewhere in exchange for a sabertooth tusk, rather than you having to own a dinosaur yourself.

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Designing for service is not new, and people who are exceedingly adept at designing for fantastic services aren’t new either. Entire industries are built upon service experience. The question is, why does there seem to be an explosion of interest service design as a field now, when great service is nothing new? New conferences are popping up by major organizers; Adaptive Path is on its 3rd service experience conference, Service Experience Chicago just had it’s 2nd year, and the O’Reilly Design Conference is new this year with only one speaker showcasing service design. If you look for books on service design, there are a few recent publications that are relevant to the landscape today, but these are very recent and just starting to tackle this idea of integrating service design into what we do outside of service industries.  It’s not hard to find examples of great service from long before service design was a discipline or something that had a proper name. Looking at the 20th century, many industries strived to deliver customer experiences that were well planned and filled with deliberate moments of delight; early commercial air travel, ocean cruises, full service resort hotels, fine dining, spas. Or, look at an elaborate and well planned wedding that is a choreographed event – people have long had the mind, knowhow, and ability to create these top rate “end-to-end” experience.

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