Can We Depend on 3D Printing Technology at the Production Level?

At the prototyping level, 3D printing technology works perfectly. However, building final products using the technology is still faced by barriers and obstacles. We cannot just stand still watching 3D printing projects with enthusiasm without serious considering of these barriers.

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Affordable 3D Printers Equals Low Quality:  During the last few years, many startups have been established to build affordable 3D printers. This includes dozens of Kickstarter projects which have been initiated to lower the price of 3D printers. Some projects are promising but there is another obstacle to address. Most of these low cost 3D printers produce low quality output or inaccurate model printing. Many designers are trying to address this issue and we can see 3D printers have already started to build with better output such as the Pirx One 3D printer, manufactured by a European company based in Poland.  3D Printing Technology Duration and Quantitative Production  One of the common issues that can be noticed in most of the 3D printers is the duration required to complete the 3D printing task. While 3D printing is one of the fastest rapid prototyping technologies, it is slow compared with the traditional quantity production methods. The reason for the long printing time is that 3D printing heads builds the 3D model layer by layer as the filament is molded from the printer nozzle.  This barrier prevents the technology from competing with the existing industrial technologies especially for printing a large number of the model or product on a mass scale. Additionally, the cost of 3D printing one model stands as a barrier when working with a quantitative printing process. The cost of printing a limited number of models is very expensive and incomparable with the traditional production process.

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