Kyocera to Sell ‘Soap-Proof’ Smartphone in Japan

Kyocera will launch what it calls the world’s first smartphone which can be washed with foam soap, helping users keep the notoriously contaminated devices truly clean.

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Smartphones are not as clean as they might appear, due to their bacteria-loving warmth and contact with the hands and use near the mouth and nose. A Wall Street Journal report in 2012 found abnormally high number of bacteria indicating fecal contamination on all eight randomly selected phones. Kyocera’s “Digno Rafre” was developed to help people clean their smartphones thoroughly, given their presence in many different environments, such as outdoors and while cooking, the company said. Soap-proof devices were considered more difficult to manufacture than water-proof smartphones, but the company said it developed better sealing for the product.  Kyocera doesn’t have plans to market the Digno Rafre overseas.

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