This Telepresence Robot can be Navigated via Mind Control

Scientists from Italy and Switzerland have designed a telepresence robot that can be controlled with only brain signals – and it may have a significant impact on the daily lives of people with limited motor function.

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Scientists have created a telepresence robot designed to be used by people with disabilities that severely affect their motor functions. It can be controlled in a way that seems straight out of a sci-fi movie: the bot can maneuver around with only the use of the user’s brain signals.   Designed by researchers from Italy and Switzerland, the robot is controlled with a headset fitted with electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors, removing issues that can arise for people who have limited mobility with their arms, hands, and/or fingers. Software translates mental commands that the user issues—either backward, forward, left, or right—into actions that the robot can then perform.   The robot itself is a brain-user interface, more or less a laptop on wheels, with a camera that lets the user “see” the telepresence bot’s surroundings, and a screen that shows the face of the user for more personable interactions. The robot is also equipped with infrared sensors that can alert it to obstacles that might obstruct its path. Although the user is in control of the bot, its accompanying software can also override directives if it senses the presence of an object in the way of its trajectory.  

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