Putting Wearables to Work

Wearables aren’t quite ready for prime-time business use, but advances to the Apple Watch and other wearable devices are expected to address their shortcomings.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.cioinsight.com

A February 2015 Salesforce.com survey of 500 business professionals found that 79% believe that wearable technology will be a key to future success. Already, 76% report improvements in business performance for wearable devices in the enterprise.  The appeal? Real-time access to customer data, hands-free instruction for guides in field service, access to business analytics and alerts, and “see-what-I-see” coaching with a live remote tech or trainer. In addition, wearables will generate new and valuable data that will feed analytics.  Meanwhile, Google Glass is being redesigned for the enterprise.  Other wearables fall into the same general category of not-quite-ready-for-prime-time business. But expect things to begin tilting toward the enterprise when Apple releases the next version of Apple Watch in 2016. Also expect to see a greater use of smart cameras, embedded apparel or accessories as well as an array of clip-on or wrist-based devices.

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