This Swatch watch will let you pay with your wrist

In its first foray into wearable tech, the Swiss watchmaker strikes a deal with Visa. The Swatch Bellamy will sport an NFC chip, enabling contactless payments.

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Swatch has partnered with Visa on a watch capable of making smartphone payments with the swipe of your wrist. The Swatch Bellamy, scheduled to launch in early 2016, can be used anywhere contactless Visa payments are accepted, the companies jointly announced Monday. It looks much like any other Swatch watch, but has an NFC (near-field communications) chip inside, giving it its payments power. Unlike other smartphones, the Bellamy doesn’t connect to the Internet and makes payments without using the watch’s battery.  Switzerland-based Swatch is the world’s largest watchmaker by revenue. It’s one of several traditional watchmakers collaborating with companies outside of their industry to make connected timepieces. Watchmaking for many years had seen little innovation, but partnerships that have sprung up in 2015 show the industry’s biggest names are now embracing change.

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