This Disney Smartwatch Knows What You’re Touching and Tells You What to Do Next

Some smartwatches know your heart rate, and some know your location — but do any know what appliance you’re using, or what door you’re opening? A new device from Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University does just that, then gives intelligent feedback suited for just that item or place.

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Disney in Wearable Tech?  Disney’s smartwatch knows your heart rate, and your location — and what appliance you’re using, or what door you’re opening. The system, called EM-Sense, works by carefully monitoring for the minute electromagnetic signals that propagate through your body whenever you touch anything — every object produces a different pattern, and the computer can be trained to recognize it. Combined with other information, it can guess that you’re on your way to work, fixing a specific meal or working on a certain project in the shop.  This electromagnetic detection of objects is a keen way to figure out what people are doing and using it as a feedback mechanism within the device, and presents the opportunity for a full range of practical daily use. 

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