The Next Wave of Wearable Tech Will Surprise You

Austin-based tech company Chaotic Moon is engineering a “smart” stick-on gadget: Tech Tats, they’re called. They’re applied just like the temporary tattoos of your childhood—stick on and wash off—except these high-tech tats can monitor vital signs, track GPS location, even hold credit card information.

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The Tech Tattoos are compelling for their low-cost approach (this needs to be verified). The challenge is how to deliver power to their components ? Classic micro-batteries ? Piezo resistances?  Energy harvesting from the human body itself. Short time wearable devices, is there a market for that, likely yes, but Use Cases will need to be defined. More work to be done on the viability of this technology to be proven.

See on Scoop.itWearable Tech and the Internet of Things (Iot)


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