Development Challenges for the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things is certain to be a mainstay of technology, it runs into several development challenges.

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(1) Assembly Problems:  One of the challenges that development teams are facing across the board is the struggle to assemble their system. The assembly complications arise from the fact that the components have to be procured from a variety of different sources. These include different components, tools and frameworks. As the ecosystem continues to mature, the level of entropy will gradually decrease. With more companies diving into the development of IoT-related products, we will see a wide array of tools, frameworks, and standards popping up to lend more support to the ecosystem.As the landscape continues to evolve, further development will expose developers to problems and capabilities similar to more mature domains in computing.

(2) Security Concerns:  Internet of Things products need to be secure against local and remote attackers. It is important that such concerns related to security are considered by embedded device manufacturers and developers during the development stage itself. The security challenges for IoT are not new, but the wide connectivity among devices and objects due to IoT make them more worrisome.  (3) Problems with Open Source & Third-Party Components:   Open source will have an important role to play in the propagation and development of IoT as a technology. Although the open source community has always been very robust and effective with the development of core technologies like Hadoop, the community has not had a large presence in areas like embedded systems. When dealing with embedded development, a certain set of specializations is essential. Also, the lack of trust in the open source’s ability to operate within the constraints laid by the embedded systems adds to the complexity of the problem. This makes adoption of the technology relatively difficult and lack of commercial support further limits it.

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