BlackBerry to leave Pakistan after refusing to ditch user privacy

The Canadian company has taken a stand against demands for “backdoor” access to its services, including encrypted email and messages.

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BlackBerry will shut down operations in Pakistan at year’s end because demands from the country’s Telecommunications Authority would result in a massive invasion of user privacy, the company said Monday.  BlackBerry refuses to agree to the Pakistani government’s order to monitor BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES), including encrypted emails and BBM messages sent and received in the country  “Pakistan’s demand was not a question of public safety; we are more than happy to assist law enforcement agencies in investigations of criminal activity,” Beard said. “Rather, Pakistan was essentially demanding unfettered access to all of our BES customers’ information.”  Governments, accustomed to tapping phone lines and opening mail in decades past, want access to people’s digital data to help stop crime and security threats. However, especially in the wake of revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about massive surveillance by the US and UK, tech companies have been wrestling with government data requests that they believe can go too far.

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