Roku 3, Apple TV or Chromecast: Which streaming device comes out on top?

For anyone who’s smartphone literate, Chromecast is the clear winner based on our test drives

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It’s no longer a question of whether you would stream TV or movie content over the Internet, it’s a question of when and how.   –  The Roku 3 is a good entry-level box that is similar enough to conventional TV or media players that it wouldn’t be a big stretch for someone who’s never streamed content before. On the downside, it doesn’t have a rich array of services and apps beyond streaming TV and movies (there are some games, such as trivia from You Don’t Know Jack).  Verdict on Roku 3:  Buy it if you need a cheap and easy dedicated Netflix box, and consider the rest of its bundled bargain basement content a bonus.  Verdict on Apple TV:   This should not be your first streaming device. It’s better as an extension of all your other Apple gadgets and services.  The remote does let you use Siri’s voice controls on the device, which sounds more fun than it ends up being. As in most iOS contexts, Siri is better in theory than in action. Verdict on Chromecast:  I flat out loved the Chromecast. I would buy one for every TV set in the house. Why not?  Chromecast is a must own for anyone with a smartphone. You could buy this even if you have one of the other two streaming devices.

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