Fossil’s Sleek New Smartwatches Finally Hit Stores

Fossil’s Q Founder, the first smartwatch made available for purchase by the Texan clothier, might come off as a bit heavy — but this classic-looking wearable packs a real sartorial and functional punch.

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Fossil revealed its plan to release a line of smartwatches and wearables, the company’s first brand line, the Fossil Android Wear Q Founder, is priced at $295, is not only compatible with iOS and Android and functional, but it is also touted as a much more stylish option to the wider array of more Spartan wearables out there — and a lot more affordable than TAG Heuer’s $1,500 smartwatch, which was more or less created with the same mission in mind.  The Intel chip-powered wearable contains 4 GB of storage and 24-hour battery life before it needs a recharge. The Q Founder has all of the heft of a traditional class act timepiece, weighing in a at 71 grams (the Apple Watch Sport, one of its more direct competitors, clocks in at about 50 grams), with a face that is 46 mm long and 13 mm thick.  While the Q Founder might be the first in the Fossil Q line to be made available for purchase, it’s certainly not the last; as per Fossil’s October announcement, we’ll be sure to see Fossil’s other smartwatch, the Q Grant, as well as the company’s smart bands the Q Reveler and the Q Dreamer, come out just in time for the rest of the holiday shopping season.

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