With Samsung Gear VR a sold-out success, is VR bad for kids’ eyes?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve asked every major maker of virtual reality headsets and content what their stance is on children in the VR realm. The answer is (almost) always the same: …

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.slashgear.com

The Samsung Gear VR appears to be sold out online, tiny and all is well in the VR universe. Why, you might wonder, would anyone suggest that using a virtual reality headset is bad for your kids? Maybe because their eyes are still developing. Perhaps because their brains are still learning what to attach to as real, and deciding what’s to be believed in their universe.  You might also find that after wearing a VR headset for several minutes will result in slightly blurred vision once you take the headset off – but only for a moment.  The real reason any one of the companies we’ve spoken with would have said “no comment” with regard to children is the relative lack of research done with this specific application of displays and magnifying glasses.  If your kids want to use your VR headset, feel free to let them – but do so at your own risk. You’ll find every VR headset released with a warning that suggests you and your loved ones take caution when wearing.

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