Google experiments with a Star Trek-style wearable

No, it’s not another attempt at high-tech eyewear. This one-of-a-kind prototype draws its inspiration from the communicator worn on a stylish shirt.

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Inspired by the sci-fi ingenuity of Star Trek, engineers at Google have worked up a one-of-a-kind prototype wearable device to test out the possibilities of a real-life communicator. It doesn’t connect to any starships, though. Instead, it’s meant to suggest new ways to tap into the vast knowledge banks of Google search.  The device, about the diameter of a casino chip but somewhat thicker. It’s designed to be activated with a tap, and an embedded microphone would pick up your spoken query to relay via Bluetooth to a nearby smartphone and from there on to Google. The answer could come back through speakers or headphones.    “The destiny of search,” by Google senior vice president Amit Singh wrote at the time, “is to become the Star Trek computer, a perfect assistant by my side whenever I need it.”

The tech in the Star Trek-like prototype, which remains in testing, apparently isn’t all that far removed from today’s average Bluetooth headset, but it does give Google a way to play around with how we might continue to use its search tools in the future.

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