What is the future of driverless cars?

Ford is now testing fully autonomous cars in a fake city in Michigan. Meanwhile, one of Google’s driverless cars was pulled over in Mountain View, Calif., last week for impeding traffic. What can we expect from the imminent flock of self-driving cars?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.csmonitor.com

An effective system calls for effective regulation, and the public sector has been struggling to keep up with recent innovations such as Uber. Even if autonomous cars are to adequately replace buses with lowered operational costs, there’s still the question of optimal routing. Also, will city governments be ready to provide subsidies so the service can be affordable to everyone?  Yonah Freemark of The Transport Politic suggests that it is too soon for a complete upheaval of the transportation system in favor of self-driving cars and other technologies.  “New technologies offer the opportunity to change the way we think about transportation and likely offer us opportunities to improve our cities,” he wrote.  “But the public sector, and the civic sector in general, must continue to play the key role in planning, identifying essential investments, and aiding those who are in need.”

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