Google Boasts Self-Driving Cars Will Become Even Smarter: Here’s How Google’s Autonomous Cars Learn Kids’ Behavior

Google has revealed that its self-driving cars will soon be more intelligent, particularly more cautious around kids. Here’s how Google’s autonomous cars learn about the youngsters’ behaviors and movements… even when they’re in odd Halloween costumes.

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Google says it’s making its autonomous cars even smarter as a whip as it has equipped them with sensors and software which will soon enable the cars to drive more carefully around children.  On Saturday, the Mountain View-based tech titan invited kids sporting a multitude of Halloween costumes to hang out around the parked prototypes of its autonomous cars to silently learn about the youngsters’ behaviors and movements, in a bid to make its mini cars a lot safer down the road.  “This gives our sensors and software extra practice at recognizing children in all their unique shapes and sizes, even when they’re in odd costumes,” Google points out kids may behave erratically and unpredictably, as they suddenly jump into the road to retrieve a stray ball or run down a sidewalk. Additionally, the company is mindful of the fact that children are often difficult to see behind parked vehicles or any other objects.

But with Google’s extra vigilance, its self-driving cars will soon drive more careful around kids.  Google boasts that even if its cars can’t appreciate the effort these children put in dressing as their much-loved movie characters, these autonomous cars still come equipped with the ability to pay full attention.  In December last year, Google unwrapped the very first completed build of its autonomous car, rocking a sleek body akin to a mini Volkswagen Bug and sporting functioning headlights.

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