Nissan begins tests on Leaf-based IDS prototype

Nissan Leaf-based autonomous prototypes have been sighted on Japanese city roads earlier in the week.

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While the Nissan IDS concept at the Tokyo Motor Show is a far more comprehensive look at what the future may bring for the automaker’s self-driving initiatives, the company is working on slowly but surely getting the technology out to production models, as Leaf-based autonomous driving prototypes have been sighted on Japanese city roads earlier in the week.  Nissan is testing its Piloted Drive, or PD mode, which is an integral part of the Intelligent Driving System that serves as the centerpiece of its Tokyo Motor Show concept. As we stated previously, Nissan plans to get this tech on production models by next year, and when it does, it will allow the car to take over in certain situations, and drive autonomously even in heavy traffic situations. By 2018, the company hopes to have autonomous lane changing baked in, and by 2020, it’s looking forward to have the system navigating city roads and intersections without any human intervention required.  According to Motor Trend, Nissan is making use of a high-spec laser scanner with 3D measurement features to gauge the prototype’s distance from nearby objects. It also has used an eight-way camera with 360-degree view to help the IDS cross intersections smartly. More details on the project should be forthcoming, though, in what could be a year-long run-up before the IDS features debut on production cars late next year.

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