Samsung’s Galaxy View is an 18-inch tablet/TV you carry around like a briefcase

Samsung’s Galaxy View is both a huge tablet and a tiny touchscreen TV. And it’s got a handle.

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An interesting approach being made by Samsung.  “We wanted to rethink how you’re consuming content and how you’re accessing that content,” Dennis Miloseski, the vice president of Samsung Design in America explained to me. “[The Galaxy View] is a product that’s within arm’s reach and gives you an experience like a 60-inch television.” Miloseski’s exaggerating, but it does feel like all of your movies and Android apps are bigger and more in-your-face than on a smaller tablet.  From the very moment you boot up the Galaxy View, it’s clear what the device’s main purpose is for: watching movies and TV shows. The grid-like homescreen shows shortcuts to all of your favorite video streaming content from Netflix to YouTube to Crackle. To get to the traditional Android homescreen of app icons, you swipe in from the right. “The homescreen is an entertainment-based experience; there is no remote — all you have to do is tap and you’re into live television” Miloseski told me.

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