Rackspace serves up free Carina Docker-based container-as-a-service beta on OpenStack

Using the native Docker API and tooling, the Carina container service aims to enable users to spin up containers quickly and easily.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.zdnet.com

Until its probable general availability next year, the beta version of the Carina container service unveiled today by Rackspace will be free.  It offers developers, data scientists, and operators what the web-hosting firm says is a quick way to create and deploy a cluster for containerised apps.  Demonstrated at this week’s OpenStack Summit conference in Tokyo, Carina is designed to widen the use of container clusters, employing the native Docker API and tooling, such as Swarm for orchestration, to move applications between dev, test, and production environments.  “What we’ve done, using our OpenStack public cloud and technologies around Docker, is create a container service where a customer can very quickly — in seconds — spin up a container. It’s a container-as-a-service platform,” Rackspace CTO John Engates said.  “They can spin up a container using their native Docker tools. Behind the scenes OpenStack is orchestrating everything to provision those containers — and those containers can be provisioned on top of bare-metal servers, virtual machines, or even other containers underneath the platform.”

Docker is the most popular technology for automating the creation and deployment of apps in containers — a lighter-weight form of virtualisation. Containers use far less compute resources than typical virtual machines and also offer greater availability and scaling.

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