Tesla is not like Ferrari

The Tesla story is just beginning, while the Ferrari story has largely been told. Still, many potential Ferrari customers may also be potential Tesla…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: uk.businessinsider.com

So Tesla, FCA, and Ferrari are the only automakers to have IPO’d in US markets since Ford in 1956.  In other words, car-company IPOs are about as rare as black swans, four-leaf clovers, and appearances by the Cubs in the World Series.  Tesla’s offering started out modest, with shares priced at $17. But in the last few years, the stock has blasted to epic levels, at one point nearing $300 per share in 2014. Investors who bought early are sitting on a 1,000%-plus return.  Ferrari’s IPO was richer and flashier, with the stock debuting at $52 and jumping to $60 on the first day of trading before settling. Still, you might look at both automakers — with their cars that sell for over $100,000 (in Ferrari’s case, well over $100,000) and can accelerate from zero to 60 with impressive velocities — and see affinities. And there are a few. But when you get down to it, Tesla is nothing like Ferrari. And it doesn’t want to be anything like Ferrari. Excellent overview and analysis of the two brands who are targeting the luxury end of the car market.

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