Using the IoT to make wine taste sweeter

While it is no substitute for a vintner’s nose and palate, Ericsson is testing out how the IoT could help in many areas of wine making.

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Ericsson has teamed up with Intel, Telenor Connexion, and MyOmega Systems Technologies aims to build a secure IoT connectivity service that will support “more effective wine production”, the company said.

The service will allow winemakers to collect data on air and soil humidity and temperature, as well as solar intensity, using IoT sensors along with Intel-based IoT gateways connected to a cloud service.  According to the companies, the system can be scaled upwards to cover the largest wine companies and scaled out to other industries.  “The data can be used to perform predictive analysis and to support resource management and real-time remote monitoring, leading to higher quality production, lower costs, and reduced environmental impact for winemakers,” Ericsson said.  “We see great potential for scaling the service to winemakers globally and to additional industrial applications in the networked society,”  Is Ericsson looking to expand its IoT skills into other areas outside of winemaking?  –  “Yes,” said Olin. “This is just an example and one can think of many other industries, for example, further agriculture, transport, real estate, and health.”

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