BlackBerry Promises Robust Security on Android-Based Priv

The device will offer default full disk encryption and verification for every layer of the device — from hardware to apps.

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BlackBerry is building security right into the handset with a manufacturing process dubbed Root of Trust, which involves injecting cryptographic keys into the device hardware, “providing a secure foundation for the entire platform,” he added. The handset then uses these embedded keys to check every part of the device — from the hardware to its operating system to apps — and ensure they haven’t been tampered with.  The device also features a hardened Linux kernel with “numerous patches and configuration changes to improve security,” as well as FIPS 140-2 compliant full disk encryption, which is on by default, according to Manea.  The Priv integrates with Android for Work, which separates work and personal accounts, and comes pre-loaded with the new BlackBerry DTEK application, which tells you which apps access your personal data and assesses the overall security of your device based on factors like the strength of your password, your encryption settings, and apps you have installed. It then makes recommendations on how to improve security.  Rumor has it the Priv will be sold in China for 3999 Yuan, or about $630. That pricing is on par with the new iPhone, which sells for $649 unlocked.

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