Oculus, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung To Introduce VR Headsets going for $99-$200

Virtual Reality Headsets: Oculus, Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung On Board to Bring the New Technology

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.kdramastars.com

Now Facebook is ready to launch the new improved headsets that are smart, light and smaller in size. Samsung and Microsoft are also working on similar technologies to bring new virtual reality headsets and wearable gadgets to the market, revealed Komando.  Although the motion sickness has been resolved, cost still remains the biggest factor for all companies as each headset costs more than $200. The upcoming Oculus Rift headset offers new features, is more comfortable to wear and is lighter by 22%. It has struck a partnership with Microsoft as well for the launch of its products. It is planning to launch its Gear VR headset for just $99.   Oculus and Samsung launched a new headset at its LA developer conference and intend to bring the new $99 headset in November this year. Facebook also launched support for 360-degree video, and online video services like Netflix and Hulu jumping into the format.  Also showed off a promo for the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ movie showing a speeding vehicle zooming over the desert landscape of fictional planet Jakku, reported Daily Mail UK. Users will be able to look around in any direction using their mouse while the video is playing on the Virtual Reality Headsets.  The new VR product from Samsung is expected to VR into the mainstream, said Gizmodo. Much of the focus for this Gear VR version was on improving comfort, says Jim Willson, director of immersive products and virtual reality for Samsung.

There are several material changes as well including a second layer of soft padding where the goggles meet the facial skin. A small texture improvement enhanced the tactile improvement and reduced the chances of goggles sliding down the face.  

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