The End of Broken: How IoT Will Change Our Products

In the Internet of Things, advances in service delivery and product reliability will fundamentally change our expectations of products.

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The importance of data analytics is intuitive to companies responsible for creating and servicing IoT-enabled products, but the topic gets short shrift when speaking to the consumers of those products. De-emphasizing analytics makes sense; the easiest way to demonstrate the IoT is with features that are visible and interactive. Of course, data analytics is invisible to end-users, so it’s harder to foster enthusiasm for petabytes of unseen data. Sometimes, big data is held up as a threat to security and privacy, and even viewed as an impediment to IoT adoption.   I’d argue that overlooking data analytics is missing a big part of the IoT story–even for users. While we may never interact, or even see that steady stream of data, it will have a far more profound effect on our relationship to products than any snappy new IoT feature or remote app.  To compare the importance of data analytics to IoT user features, consider a “smart washing machine.” Like other smart appliances, manufacturers and partners are touting new user features—if you’re going to compete for consumer dollars with the IoT, logic argues that you do it with IoT features that users can see and interact with.   For example,  Telecom highlights washers that are sending smartphone alerts to their owners. That’s an easy feature to introduce, and people immediately recognize this as a “smart product” feature. In fact, consumer-facing IoT has become largely synonymous with remote alerts. But is this really game-changing? Do you need a sensor to assist you with detergent amounts? Do you really want to be texted every time a wash load is done?

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