Tesla has to beat Apple, Google, and the entire auto industry to win the EV market

Tesla: Will it be BlackBerry or Apple?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: qz.com

To date, Tesla has delivered over 78,300 Model S sedans, and over 2,100 Roadsters. With the S, the company created the first all-electric car that looked good, and worked well. The company is about to release its next vehicle, a crossover called the Model X, next week. The X, costing around $130,000, will be aimed at a similar subset of the luxury car market as the Model S. But the company’s next car after the X will be the Model 3, which is expected to cost a far more reasonable $35,000. But the first Model 3s aren’t expected to be delivered until 2017, by which time Tesla may not be the only company making desirable electric cars. Audi and Mercedes both expect to have electric vehicles in production by the end of the decade, and Porsche plans to be right behind them.

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