NFL 2015 Season: The IoT Is Coming

The 2015 NFL season marks the arrival of the Internet of Things, as the football league’s partnership with Zebra Technologies will provide massive amounts of data to broadcasters, players, coaches and fans.

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It was previously reported that the NFL has teamed up with Zebra Technologies to deploy its MotionWorks RFID sensors, which will be embedded in the shoulder pads of all the players.   The sensors will each emit unique radio frequencies that will be captured by the 20 receivers that have been put in all the stadiums that are used by the NFL. Through the technology, massive amounts of data regarding the players, including field position, distance traveled, speed and acceleration can be tracked in real time.   The NFL is planning to use the data that will be generated by the RFID sensors to power the NFL 2015 app for Windows 10 and the Xbox One. The data will allow for features such as “Next Gen Replay,” which will give fans the ability to look into the statistics of players that are included in highlight clips that are seen in the app.   In addition, the collected data will also be given to broadcasters, players and coaching staff, and will be used for more informative in-stadium displays.

According to NFL Emerging Products and Technology senior director Matt Swensson, the league has been looking to provide new statistics to fans, with such new data also possibly increasing the efficiency of workflow around the game.

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