Dark Energy brings Wearable Tech to Hunting

Sourced through Scoop.it from: siliconslopes.com

Dark Energy, the Provo-based hunting gear startup, is betting that hunters want wearable tech.  Currently, hunters are using archaic technology like handheld gps and flashlights, said Garrett Aida, the company’s CEO, who sees an opportunity to bring better technology to the hunting market.   Their first product, the Poseidon, is a military grade power source and light. What sets it apart from other outdoor products, is that Poseidon is drop proof, crush proof, 100 percent waterproof and 100% dust proof, Aida said.  “I’m wondering why no one has stepped in to make the entire experience more fun, easier and less burdensome,” Aida said. “There are so many things to carry. It’s extremely technical. Anything you can do to make the experience more seamless where you can connect with nature, that would be something that would be super rewarding for me and for other hunters.”   Aida tested his theory and completed two Kickstarters, the Poseidon and an energy reservoir, which raised over $270,000 on the platform.  The company has plans to replace old tools for communication, location, power, light and surveillance with new smaller and higher tech gear.   The Poseidon will be available online and in Cabela’s and Bass Pro for $119.

While the product promises big things, the company found manufacturing to be more difficult than they anticipated, Aida said. With their manufacturing in China, it has taken more time to get the product up to standards and be compact in order to compete in the market. But while it’s taken time, the company has found ways to make it happen and don’t plan on sharing how they did it.

“Being able to put everything we need into the product into a small package, that’s part of our IP,” Aida said.   Dark Energy is betting that hunting is a big market for wearable technology, and they plan on being the first ones there.

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