Philips launches an mHealth platform for type 1 diabetics

The company is partnering with Salesforce and Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands to unveil an app and corresponding social platform for diabetics and their care providers.

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Thibaut Sevestre, senior director for Philips’ Eco-System Management, tells mHealth News the platform is a “collaboration space” for type 1 diabetics and healthcare providers, allowing access to data from electronic medical records and mobile devices, including blood glucose monitors and health and fitness monitors, as well as patient-entered data. Through a tablet, smartphone or other device, the user can access health data, receive health advice and alerts and communicate in real time with clinicians and other caregivers.  “There’s a lot of work out there already being done,” Sevestre said, pointing to the 1,000-plus apps now on the market for diabetics, “but there seems to be a barrier between automation and management. Too many type 1 diabetics either have a fear of the future related to their disease, or they’re suffering from diabetes burnout … because they don’t have the right balance of features and interaction.”  “We want to explore how we can project their data, their information managed by themselves, into a collaboration space that gives clinicians access to their world,” he added. Philips is using some of the elements of Salesforce’s recently released Health Cloud, and adhering to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)  standards being developed by Health Level Seven to ensure that the data captured and housed on the platform can be used across different applications.  Sevestre said officials have spent the better part of a year trying to create a repository for a wide range of fragmented medical information, then link that to social media capabilities that give users and clinicians a place to collaborate. “We literally received a lecture on diabetes,” he said, from healthcare providers who have long complained that there’s a distinct gap between what the diabetic wants from this data and what the provider needs to do with the data.  The ecosystem is the first to use Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform and CareCatalyst tools, and marks a shift in the company’s healthcare offerings to create platforms to address personal health solutions. At the recent IFA electronics trade show in Berlin, Philips executives replaced the usual lighting and LED components – two business units that the Dutch-based company is shedding – with an assortment of medical devices, including a smartwatch, wrist-borne blood pressure monitor and smart scales.

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