3 Major Challenges in Mobile Apps Development

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Challenge of Integration:   Integration of apps, existing and new, is one of the prime issues faced by a lot of Enterprise Mobility Solution providers. Upgrading traditional systems to integrate them with newer mobile technology solutions for various platforms is one the jobs, that consumes maximum time and energy. A lot of mobile solutions at enterprise level have reportedly gone out of time and budget, as integrating the existing database structures and other setups proved to be a gigantic task.

Challenge of less or non-uniform mobile policies:  A recent survey about mobile device policy suggests that either they are less in number or are inefficient to cover up all the aspects. Android Apps Developer, iOS Apps Developers, iPhone Apps Developers etc. have their own thought processes and as we all know, Mobile Apps Development is done to meet client requirements. Increasing popularity of mobile solutions has now it seems, compelled the companies to look at this phase more seriously and they are developing adequate and appropriate policies. Entire IT sector is still in the process of providing strong communication to businesses pertaining to this particular challenge – but there is certainly ray of hope at the end of this tunnel.

Challenge in form of non-availability of Mobile Analytics:

Websites allow you to gauge the performance by using several analytical tools, to check out on the areas of improvement. But Mobile Apps Developers providing mobile solutions find it really hard to do something alike. There is no mobile analytic software available as of now. Yes it’s shocking but, is the truth. Say for instance if a mobile enterprise solution provider is looking out for more details about the app users, what other content the user is browsing on the mobile device or what other apps they are using – it is not possible.

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