Acer Releases its First Wearable Tech in the U.S. – Acer Liquid Leap+

Acer Releases its First Wearable Tech in the U.S. – Acer Liquid Leap+

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Because there aren’t enough fitness trackers in the world (Fitbit, iFit, Polar Loop 2, etc., etc.) Acer has released the Liquid Leap+, their brand of smart fitness tracker that you can slap on your wrist. Now, Acer released other versions of the Liquid Leap last year overseas but the Liquid Leap+ is the first Acer fitness tracker released in the U.S. While it’s already an over-saturated market there is room for a new and innovative design.  Unfortunately, the Acer Liquid Leap+ isn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, it works just fine but that’s where the problem lies. There’s no “reinvention of the wheel” or at the very least “creative improvement of the wheel.”   The Liquid Leap+ is pretty much what you can expect out of any other fitness tracker on the market. It tracks your number of steps, running distance, calories burned as well as minutes in the day you were active.   Its waterproof design allows you to take it in the water no deeper than a meter for a half hour. That means half hour showers are a go. If you take showers longer than 30 minutes leave the Liquid Leap+ out of it. Also re-evaluate your priorities – 30 minutes is way too long to be bathing yourself.

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