Salesforce launches IoT Cloud to let business users act on big data

Cloud software company Salesforce today is announcing the release of IoT Cloud, a new service that will put the company into a new market. Think of IoT Cloud as a tool that non-technical workers can use to automatically kick off specific actions based on data from Internet-connected devices, social media messages, websites, and other sources.

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Salesforce is capitalizing on the continuing marketing buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT), an area where GE and other technology companies have been launching tools and announcing partnerships.

Salesforce is partnering with ARM, Etherios, Informatica, PTC’s ThingWorx, and Xively by LogMeIn for the launch of IoT Cloud.  

Salesforce didn’t buy a company to get the new functionality. IoT Cloud is based on Thunder, an event-processing engine developed at Salesforce, according to a statement.  The software stands out on the basis of not requiring technical expertise. Engineers can write programs that draw on data stored in Hadoop and other repositories, but Salesforce is making this tooling more accessible.

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