Internet of Things is here to stay: Here’s why it’s time to accept connected devices

This number will only grow and there is no looking back for IoT here on. The only challenge could be compatibility as the products won’t be compatible to one another.

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A lot of factors in the past have been responsible for pushing us towards the Internet of Things era. Back in ’90s, we saw the first Internet Radio, Internet Telephone service and likewise. In 2000, LG announced its Internet-enabled fridge using Internet digital DIOS technology that was developed in 1997. We slowly saw how Bluetooth played a vital role into connecting us to the world, followed by NFC, rise of social media, online educational courses, smart pen and so on, not necessarily in the same order. This whole revolution of how things used in our day-to-day lives are connected via Internet formally conceptualised the term IoT in 2008-09.  “A group of companies launched the IPSO Alliance to promote the use of Internet Protocol (IP) in networks of “smart objects” and to enable the Internet of Things. The IPSO alliance now boasts over 50 member companies, including Bosch, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, SAP, Sun, Google and Fujitsu,”

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