Barclaycard Favors Android Pay Over Apple Pay In The UK

Barclays (NYSE:BCS) will support Android Pay through Barclaycard in the UK from November onwards, while it has released no word on support for Apple Pay yet.

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Following the launch of Android Pay, the service is actually making way to the UK, thanks to Barclays. While the service is not directly the Android Pay service that was launched in the US, Barclays’ own Barclaycard app will allow Android smartphones to complete NFC payments from November onwards.  The Barclays service supports the usual £30 cap imposed on NFC payments on Android Pay, but Barclays has tossed in some additional benefits for customers. Users can increase the payments cap to £100 by using fingerprint recognition or entering a PIN through the Barclaycard app. The increased transaction limit can be particularly useful for UK customers, and Barclays is clearly hoping the limit gives its service enough of an edge to encourage users to use its instant payment app.

The user simply needs to activate NFC payments in the Barclaycard app, after which he can proceed to complete the payment with just a tap. Given that Android Pay has not officially been launched in the UK, this is another way for Barclays to promote its own instant payment service by getting one of the tech giants on board by supporting the Google payment service.   Barclays has not necessarily extended the same courtesy to Apple. After Apple Pay was launched in the UK, Barclays did not initially support Apple’s payment service like other banks did. Eventually, Barclays  announced its excitement at teaming up with Apple but has yet to announce any concrete partnership or support for Apple Pay. The company is bound to eventually support Apple Pay, but with the latest move, it appears to be catering to Android Pay instead.

Along with support for Android Pay, the Barclaycard app will also include direct support through Barclays’ customer service representatives to report mishaps such as damaged, lost or stolen cards. Users can have their cards replaced instantly, while a virtual card will be allotted to them in the meantime. The interim virtual card will allow continuous usage while customers wait for their replaced card to be mailed to them.

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