Samsung trying to make a convincing case for turning your home into a smart home

In January of this year, Samsung made a bold…

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There’s a lot more to Samsung’s “Internet of Things” initiative going on besides what we saw in January. Much of it is fuelled by a company called SmartThings, which Samsung bought last year for a reported $US200 million.  SmartThings is now an independent subsidiary of Samsung, operating out of a former local movie theatre in Palo Alto, California under CEO Alex Hawkinson. The company only makes a few products, and its main one is a hub that connects to your home’s internet connection so it can control all of your “smart” gizmos.   On Thursday, SmartThings and Samsung announced an update to the hub: It’s now more powerful and can run your appliances even if you temporarily lose power or an internet connection. It also supports video monitoring from a variety of web-connected cameras from companies like D-Link and a new app for managing all your connected devices from your phone.

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