Why gamers are excited about virtual reality and augmented reality

The billions of dollars being poured into AR and VR doesn’t mean a thing if gamers aren’t going to buy the hardware. But a new survey paints a pretty picture for investors in this tech.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: fortune.com

With big companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Sony, Valve, Samsung, Oculus VR, HTC, and Nvidia pouring billions of dollars into virtual reality and augmented reality, there’s no question that this time around the technology is here to stay.  Analysts believe games will be a key driver to get these mobile, console, and PC VR head-mounted displays and AR headsets into homes around the world. But what do gamers think of all of this development?  According to a new survey of gamers conducted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers via an interactive timeline on Facebook from June 11 through July 13, 51% of respondents, globally, believe that AR/VR is the future of gaming.  The same survey found that 18% of gamers believe second-screen gaming/smart glasses will be the next big innovation for gaming, which also ties into augmented reality, as well as blended reality (a combination of AR and VR, also called mixed reality).  “Game developers are already starting to embrace AR/VR and blended reality,” Richmond says. “There is no doubt that these immersive technologies will be the most important innovation of the next gaming generation, and will also impact every other aspect of our lives. The gaming industry will be an early adopter and help figure out how the technology is viable. By 2017, AR/VR/blended reality technologies will be easily and affordably brought into consumer homes thanks largely to video games.”

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