Top Trends Revolutionizing the Market for Wearable Devices

Whether it’s smart glasses, the smart watch, fitness trackers, or wrist bands, wearable devices are making an impact on the healthcare industry.

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“The common thread across wearables is that the device is attached or worn on the body,” Tractica reports. “Wearables can be sensor-infused devices, clothing that is reading vital biometric data off the body, or simply a body-mounted camera or a pair of smart glasses that allows for hands-free operation. More importantly, wearables in their various shapes and forms are reinventing the way humans interact with computers, in the process getting a better understanding of their bodies and their   The United States and North America as a whole is leading the way in the wearables market while China is right behind. Additionally, the report finds one trend within the sector moving toward using analytics to study the wide range of consumer health data gathered via wearable devices.  “The wearables market is a collection of micro trends within each device segment, application area, and world region,” research director Aditya Kaul stated in a Tractica press release. “It is important to examine each of these areas closely in order to gain a comprehensive view about how the market will take shape in the years ahead.”  The Tractica report details several major wearable devices that are impacting the healthcare industry such as smart glasses, fitness trackers, body sensors, smart clothing, wearable cameras, and smart watches. When it comes to funding the wearables market, the report uncovered a key trend of crowdfunding and how it affects the development of these devices.  When it comes to virtual healthcare services including the virtual reality space, wearable devices are necessary to bring speedier medical care delivery. Wearable cameras along with smart glasses all bring benefits to physicians, such as when communicating with specialists located across the state or country.    “The wearable technology market is a combination of multiple device types, applications, and use cases. The breadth and diversity of the market makes it unique, and unlike any other consumer electronics category that has existed before,” stated the Tractica press release. “The wearables market is diversifying at an extraordinary pace. New device categories are emerging, applications are proliferating in consumer and enterprise markets alike, and business models are evolving rapidly.”

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