Hands-on with tvOS for the new Apple TV

For the first time since Apple introduced the Apple TV in 2007, independent developers can now build applications for the hardware, thanks to Apple’s release yesterday of the tvOS software development kit (SDK).

Sourced through Scoop.it from: venturebeat.com

This is an article for developers and designers in the IoT – High Tech domain who want to design for Apple TV with tvOS.  The demo of the revamped Apple TV with tvOS flew by during Apple’s big Hey Siri event. But the tvOS code and documentation are out there now, so developers can take a look and see if they’d like to build for it. And non-technical types purely interested in the new Apple TV can also get a sense of its capabilities by taking a peek at the developer tools.  We checked it out, and so should you. To help you along, I’ve put together a brief overview of what’s out there and what developers can do right now. (Hat tip to developer Rick Walter over at Made Up By People for making a great tutorial video on tvOS, which inspired this article.) 

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