The Hierarchy of IoT “Thing” Needs

I received a lot of feedback on an article I wrote a few months ago about changing the way we perceive the “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). The..

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Consider that individual people join to form committees and organizations, where the new group becomes its own individual entity. In much the same way, a single thing will combine with other things to create groups and networks of things that are regarded as other more “complex” things.   These combined things will have their own needs that can be defined by this construct, as well. I especially like this Seussian micro to macro perspective when thinking about both things and the data that they collect and evolve into information.

The reason to think this way is to enable the use of familiar paradigms when “Thing” architecture and interaction models are designed. For example, consider this simple question: “What should you consider when purchasing an IoT thing?” With this new thinking, the answer becomes: “The same stuff you consider when you hire a new employee.” Trustworthiness, reliability and ability to work well with others form a great basis for consideration in both cases.    As you “people-ify” things, notice how the perspective shift opens a world of paradigms to leverage.

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