Have IBM and ARM made an idiot-proof industrial internet pairing?

This partnership will let startups and big companies build simple connected devices and services with ease.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: fortune.com

The biggest fuss today is around the partnership IBM has with ARM which allows developers who are building products that use ARM’s mbed operating system to link their devices to IBM’s specially designed cloud for the Internet of things, with very little effort. ARM’s new OS isn’t actually publicly available, although developers can get beta versions of the operating system, but it’s designed to run on small microcontrollers that are used in sensors and embedded devices such as appliances or even activity trackers.   But what this will do is offer a wide assortment of interested companies a way to start small with a connected product and get it connected and reporting data. If it is a success ,it can grow seamlessly, all backed by a reputable brand that seems hell bent on making this easy for people who just want to get their data from a device and onto a server to be analyzed.

See on Scoop.itInternet of Things – Company and Research Focus

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