Amazon extinguishes the Fire Phone

Amazon’s Fire Phone has finally burnt out. The poorly received and overly developed smartphone is no longer available to buy from either Amazon or AT&T. Amazon tells The Verge that it has sold…

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That sales are now ending is not really a surprise. In fact, it’s more of a surprise that Amazon was able to move its entire Fire Phone inventory at all. The phone tried to hook consumers with a complicated but not very useful head tracking feature that let you look around the edge of on-screen buttons and menus. In reality, it mostly just made for some cool lock screens and a bunch of extra tech inside the phone. In our review, we called the phone a better store than smartphone.  Poor sales of the Fire Phone led to it being quickly discounted to nearly free on contract. Since then, Amazon has responded by reorganizing its hardware lab and laying off a number of engineers. It’s an unfortunate path for a unit that has produced some great devices — like the Kindle line — but the Fire Phone, one of the lab’s biggest bets, turned out to be a flop. The Fire Phone’s discontinuation doesn’t mean that Amazon is done making phones forever, but you can expect something very different if it ever tries again

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