Privacy Invasions with Windows 10 – Automatic Updates Remove User Preferences

Microsoft is now removing user control options, without asking first…

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Strangely Microsoft has made no formal announcement about this move or what motivated it. In fact there isn’t even any information related to the disabled setting on the Microsoft and Windows 10 websites. The only reference found anywhere relates to Windows 8.1, where the setting still works.  A Dangerous Path   All of which creates new concerns: you may not like Windows 10 forced updates but in upgrading you accept them – you made the choice. This is very different to Microsoft disabling user control options without warning or explanation – you didn’t make that choice.  

It is very clear that MSFT is attempting to make an end run around customers and attempting to steal data from them without paying for the privilege, and it is a privilege. And no they do not have a right to that data, despite what their EULA might state.   It is in fact not defensible in a court of law, and can be defeated in a class action law suit, which begs the question, why is MSFT being so incredibly unwise in attempting to do this?  

SUGGESTION to MSFT: Back up you need to rethink your approach, you are actually eliciting a very negative reaction / response from customers when you do this kind of thing.  Don’t say that you weren’t warned of the negative ramifications (consequences) for infringing on customers without paying them for their data.  And I do mean pay, with $$.  Just because we buy your products doesn’t mean you have a right to our data.  Otherwise we customers are going to use platforms, tools, OS’s from other firms who do respect us as customers.  

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