Google’s Radar-Based Wearable: One ‘Handy’ User Interface

Meet Project Soli, a radar-based wearable destined to control just about every product under the sun (except maybe the sun). Created by Google, this new wearable transforms human hands and fingers into a user interface. Read on to learn more about  this fascinating wearable-tech innovation.

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Google is a firm believer in the fact that wearable tech products are becoming more and more appealing to mainstream America and the world at large. Advances in technology are quickly closing the gap between the every day lives of consumers and their many devices. The company’s private crystal ball forecasts that advanced devices that make life easier will become the norm in the near future. Of late, the search engine giant is paying particular attention to hand movements and their potential to interact with devices. – Project Soli allows for use of a system with a very high range of frequency, namely your fingers. Interactions can be greatly enriched via ATAP’s ability to provide a larger surface area utilizing touch-sensitive fabric. If working correctly, the “vocabulary” of movements must be addressed. This could amount to a sliding thumb against a finger to scroll, tapping fingers together to select and flicking them to close.  The future of Project Soli:  It’s still too early to predict public acceptance of this amazing project but Google boldly forecasts that clamor for these special products will soon become widespread. The human hand becoming the new and only user interface is an innovative concept that makes voice control almost passé. The public is fickle in its thirst for new and exciting wearable tech products and ideas whose time has come wait for no one.   The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to…learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. 

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