Review: How to protect top-secret data

In our tests, IQProtector’s file encryption tool successfully secured corporate documents from prying eyes.

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In NetworkWorld’s tests, IQProtector’s file encryption tool successfully secured corporate documents from prying eyes.  “A handful of vendors offer products to help you achieve a high level of digital document confidentiality and privacy. Unfortunately, most of these vendors are quite coy about having anyone evaluate their products. For this review, we invited EMC, Secure Islands, GigaTrust, Seclore and Watchful Software to send us software that we could test in our Alabama laboratory. Only Watchful Software and Secure Islands responded. Watchful Software declined to participate upon learning that it could not help us install its server component – a difficult process that is apparently fraught with peril. Secure Islands sent us IQProtector Suite 5.0.   Secure Islands’ IQProtector (in conjunction with Microsoft’s RMS technology) encrypts and decrypts more than 1,000 file types. It secured our files based on a variety of criteria that included content, user ID, user group and user choice. It gave us four security levels from Top Secret through Public and was simple and painless to administer. It monitored access to secure files and produced useful, informative reports. IQProtector even scanned and classified documents we downloaded from (or uploaded to) Web sites.  On the other hand, IQProtector is highly Windows-centric (because it relies on RMS technology), it’s pricey and it slows document access noticeably. IQProtector “paused” the opening or creation of encrypted files by a few seconds even for small documents. For larger files, access was annoyingly slow. We concluded that IQProtector is inappropriate for files of about 25MB or greater. However, the slower performance is doubtlessly part of the price we paid for privacy. Overall, IQProtector is an effective privacy tool that we recommend you take a close look at.

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