Acer Predator 6 A 10-Core Smartphone Aimed At Gamers

The Predator 6 is Acer’s gaming-focused smartphone with a 6-inch screen, a powerful decacore processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

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The “Predator 6” handset will feature a deca-core processor paired with 4 gigabytes of RAM. While the screen size and resolution weren’t revealed.  Adding to the Predator 6’s gaming credentials are four front-facing speakers and dual motors to provide haptic feedback for gamers — and, most important, the black rear of the phone is decked out with a striking Predator logo in bright red.  According to Acer the Predator 6 would “dominate” any games thrown at it, and, thanks to its motors, it would “handle like a gaming controller,” Details about its price or release date were not announced by the company, but the Predator 6 will join the firm’s other Predator offerings. Announced in April, these products include desktops and laptops, including an Android gaming laptop, as well as monitors. The product range has been designed for “serious gamers, members of what we call the Predator Tribe,” Acer said.  

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