MSFT Attempts to Steal Your Data: Slipping user-tracking tools into Windows 7, 8 amidst Windows 10 privacy storm

Worried about Windows 10’s deep-reaching user tracking? Some of it’s coming to Windows 7 and 8, too.

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If MSFT is really doing this, encroachment on privacy of it’s users in attempting to quietly (and stupidly) rolling out updates that bake new tracking tools into Windows 7 and Windows 8. is about the dumbest thing that they could do.  MSFT is clearly asking to get smacked from consumers and the Federal govt. by doing this.  Whoever signed off on this idea should be fired.  Sorry just because a consumer uses your software or hardware doesn’t give you rights to their digital person in any form.  You’d think MSFT would’ve learned the lesson that Samsung about their TV’s listening on people.  

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