Apple May Be Exploring Augmented Reality Features For iOS 9

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could be exploring entry into augmented reality space, having hired a Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Hololens engineer.

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In a note to clients today, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster said that he believes Apple  is exploring the idea to enter the augmented reality space. He highlights that the iPhone maker has made acquisitions and investments for the space, having hired Nick Thompson, the lead Hololens Audio Engineer at Microsoft Corporation.  Bidness Etc believes Apple may be looking into augmented reality to ascertain whether it can integrate it into the Apple Car. While the rumors of an Apple Car are circulating around the industry, there is still no certainty on the issue. On the other hand, recent evidence suggests the iPhone maker is hiring experts from all over the automotive industry to help the car project, dubbed “Project Titan.”   In this regard, augmented reality will be a good use in the Apple Car. A user’s windshield can be used to display information to a driver, all the while saving space in the interior of the vehicle. As such, there are numerous uses for augmented reality. Google Inc. has even developed a game called Ingress, where users are shown augmented reality scenarios. These include different challenges and are only completed when the user goes to the designated location.  Another possible use for this new technology could be in the use of headsets. It’s possible for Apple to enter the VR markets, and this could become an essential part of the Apple TV experience. It was also previously reported that the refreshed version of the Apple TV might run games, and it’s possible that the future will see the set top box essential to every smart household, while being powerful enough to run games that could essentially use augmented or virtual reality.

It will certainly be exciting to witness the mention of augmented reality on September 9, when the company announces a range of products, including new iPhones, the all new Apple TV, iOS9, and possibly a new iPad

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