3 types of data that will need to work together to run the Smart City

There’s a lot more to the IoT than just stuffing sensors in everything – data will have to work together

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.information-age.com

(1) Traditional, boring, structured data from enterprise systems. Stuff like weather forecasts from the Meteorological Office; demographics from Government and, say; public transport performance statistics.

(2) Slightly more fun ‘big data’ from all sorts of social media (and other sources too).  This can be valuable for sentiment analysis; tailoring services and offers; all sorts of business-to-customer or perhaps city-to-customer relationships. New and exciting Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data. Now we’re talking! This is the stuff the Internet of Things (IoT) is made of, surely?  This is the future!  Well, yes and no.   OK, now let’s take the oft-used example of the smart waste bin to guide us through how we get from sensors, to real benefits for citizens.   The first thing you’ll hear in a typical Case of The Smart Waste Bin story is pretty simple.  If a bin has a sensor that can tell when it’s nearly full, it can call and request someone comes to empty it. Smart, huh? Like I said before, yes and no.   Trash might get emptied more often, but costs will go through the roof. Trucks could end up coming back to the same street to empty smart bins close to each other that just happened to call in their ‘I’m full!’ message eight hours apart. Not so smart now, huh?   Of course we can fix this. Sensors in close proximity could talk to each other to check if any other bins close by are nearly full too. Companies like Smartbin offer both sensors and a route optimisation solution for the teams tasked with emptying the trash.   (3) So here we are, already integrating M2M data and boring old structured data. Now our citizens will see the benefits of cleaner streets and they won’t be paying extra for the privilege. 

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